Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Best Of - The Voluntary Tax

Originally posted September 19, 2008

I've heard it said before that the Lottery is a voluntary tax -- you willingly hand money over to the state government for them to maybe pay you back...maybe. The hope is that the state uses said money to fund their silly game program AND education. Okay, that's lovely, but I want to go one step further -- I want to invoke a voluntary income tax above and beyond the current one. Bear with me.

The way the voluntary tax system would work is simple -- you check a box when you fill out your income tax information saying you want to pay a voluntary tax. The voluntary tax would be divided into specific categories -- financial, defense, human services. You'd check one of the three categories and your money would go to one of the three categories. You check human services and your money goes to such departments as the Arts, Education, Health and Human Services, Housing, etc. If you pick defense, I think you know where your money will go. If you pick financial, your money will go to the Treasury, Commerce, Social Security, Medicare, or Labor departments. Yes, you select two check boxes and you give 5% more of your income to the subsection of the government of your choice. That money automatically gets taken away and divided evenly amongst the various departments put under each of those subsections. How about that? I'd like to ask how many more liberal Hollywood types would chose to pay more money to the government? You want higher taxes -- well, then take them.

Before initiating something like this -- perhaps we should ask those who keep pushing for higher taxes on the wealthy if they'd be willing to help pay these higher taxes. I'd love to see this tried out by California to see if the Hollywood types would actually be willing to put their money where their big, flapping mouths are. So, Governor Schwarzenegger -- I'm looking to you to help try this out just to see if something like this could work...

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