Friday, September 26, 2008

Best Of - Would it Shatter You

I was talking with a roommate of mine about faith and up came the question -- what realization really could shatter your faith? I said, not even the realization that there were multiple gods existing in the universe beyond the God I worship would shatter my faith. Here's why.

First, the God of the Jews and Christians never claimed to be the only God out there -- he claimed to be our God. What? Would that be heresy? No, He directly told Moses that you, as a follower of this God --
You shall have no other gods before me.
-Exodus 20:3
This sounds like a God who wants complete worship from his people as their highest and most important God saying, "Do not put any of the other gods of this world ahead of me." But some may say, "doesn't that claim that there are no other gods out there?" On the contrary, that states there may be other gods, but to put your God first. It comes later to avoid idolatry or worship of statues or other idols of any gods, God himself, or anything remotely of heaven or earth. Don't worship idols of any sort -- this includes worship of money, lust, etc. This does not say no other gods exist. Jethro, Moses father-in-law, admitted that the Lord and God of the Hebrew people was the greatest of all the gods (Exodus 18:9). It doesn't deny that there are other gods in the Bible.

What it does say is that this is your God, this is the God who brought the Hebrew people out of Egypt and fed them in the aftermath. This is the God who will provide for you as his followers. This is the God who offered you eternal salvation through his only son, Jesus the Christ. This is your God, worship Him and do not put any other gods alongside or above your God. That's it, period. How would the full on proof that there were other gods outside of the one I worship change this faith? It wouldn't -- all it would do would remind me that my God is the highest of all and the one who can and will save the world. I would not begin to worship totems, I wouldn't begin worshiping other gods because my God first told Moses "...I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God" (Exodus 20:5) and later told Moses "Do not make any gods to be alongside me; do not make for yourselves gods of silver or gods of gold" (Exodus 20:23). I would not worship additional gods because it is my God, the God of Israel, who provided me with the greatest gift of all -- forgiveness through his son, Jesus the Christ.

Ask yourself this? Would the idea that the Christ was married shatter your faith as a Christian? Why? What would change? Would his importance change? Would his teachings change? Would the fact that he died and was resurrected change? No, none of that would change -- all that you would know was that Jesus was more human that you knew, one who did love and marry as you and I do. It wouldn't change anything besides provide you with a thirst to know what happened to the lineage of Jesus.

How about if Jesus had told Judas to betray him? Would that change anything? Not really -- all that would change would be that you would know that Judas was never one to betray, but one who loved the Lord so much that when Jesus asked him to let Him be killed -- he trusted him and he did just as He asked him.

Not much could destroy my faith -- even attempts to convince me there is nothing beyond this life. I'll take my chances with Christ.

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