Monday, September 29, 2008

Ehrlich Opposes the Slots Amendment

Former Governor Bob Ehrlich has formally announced his opposition to the O'Malley backed Slots Amendment. Instead, Ehrlich maintains that there are legislative ways of doin this that do not limit when and where slots can be set up. He said, "What people need to understand is, this is not my bill; this is not even anywhere close to my bill. And I'm very fearful that this bill is bad policy..." He had on his radio show all manner of anti-slot amendment people, including Comptroller Franchot.

In addition, PolitickerMD pointed out that Governor Ehrlich is still raising money into his coffers. It makes you wonder if he's working on a second challenge to O'Malley in 2010.

This now makes it Ehrlich opposed, GOP House of Delegate caucus opposes it, and the Democratic Comptroller opposes it. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out come election day. As for my vote? Well, I'll discuss that and all my votes at a later date.

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