Saturday, September 27, 2008

How Does This Happen?

I have a question for Tom Golisano. For those who don't know, Golisano was the three time Independence Party candidate for Governor of New York. He's an amazing businessman who ran on a fiscally conservative platform and battled Pataki for the Conservative Party line in 2002. So, herein lies my question - How does Tom Golisano go from Independent Gubernatorial candidate seeking the Conservative Party line in 2002, to a member of the Republican Party at the urging of John McCain in 2006, to endorsing Barack Obama in 2008. I don't know what happened to the fiscal watchdog Golisano who used to support fiscal and some social conservatism in 2002 and remained a fiscal watchdog well into 2006. Where did the Golisano that Republicans used to admire disappear to? I miss that Golisano and would have loved to see him to run for Governor of New York in 2010.

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