Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bush for Congress?

In one of the most interesting articles I've read in a long time, Steve Coronella from Christian Science Monitor has compared President Bush to John Quincy Adams. Both had famous fathers who were elder statesmen and single-term Presidents. Both became unpopular Presidents. Both spent much of their young lives between cities because of their father's extraordinary career. What makes John Q. Adams worth noting -- he ran for Congress following his term as President. He chose to demote himself. He suggests Bush does the same thing. Coronella wrote,
"Also, as with Adams, serving in Congress would take Bush out of the shadow of his equally accomplished father. Freed from the unique pressures that come with being a president, Bush could go on to make his mark on the national stage in a way that has eluded him as his second term draws to a close.

The collegial atmosphere of the House would suit Bush. Countless aides and confidants testify to his skills as a 'people person.' And as one representative among 534 others, this talent would stand him – and his Texas constituents – in good stead. Bush's eight years as president would translate into yet another big plus for Texas and the country when important issues arise in Congress."
It's an interesting idea. As long as Bush never tries to bully his way into Speaker of the House and merely sits in Congress, that could be very interesting indeed. Do I think it would work? Probably not. A former President in this day and age would probably feel entitled to being more important in the House if he were to run. But, as seen by the end of Bush's term, Bush has been fine letting himself fade into the background. If he is willing to work that way in Congress, this may not be the worst idea in the world.

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