Saturday, October 25, 2008

Eagle on Ruppersberger

If you were to read the Dundalk Eagle's first section of their article on Dutch Ruppersberger's reelection race, you'd think his only challenger was a Libertarian. Reading the Eagle on October 23rd, it doesn't mention Richard Matthews, his Republican opponent, unless you "continue on Page 7." It begins by talking about Ruppersberger's rough time as County Executive. Then it goes on to discuss how awesome he is for voting in favor of the the bailout and insists that it was Hoover's fault the depression happened because, "...Hoover refused to help out." That's entirely untrue. Hoover pushed for expanded federal regulation into business. He also vastly expanded the tariffs on foreign goods, increased the income tax on the highest tax bracket to 63%, doubled the estate tax, and created vast numbers of government programs. Hoover did too much to help the economy with massive government intervention. Ruppersberger and the Eagle's idea that they didn't is patently untrue.

In fact, it may have been all of the government intrusion which compounded the collapse of the economy which led to the Great Depression. Ruppersberger didn't learn from "...the lessons of history." He supports a man who wants a drastic increase in tariffs, expanded government programs, and increased taxes on the top money makers. His fiscal views are atrocious with the Club for Growth giving him a 12% for 2007. We need to hear from his competitors and we need to let the people of the district become aware. With lopsided media coverage, it's not going to happen.

Let's hope Matthews big campaign drive this weekend gets his name out there and let's hope anti-incumbent sentiment boosts his support.

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