Friday, October 17, 2008

Lorenzo Gaztañaga E-Mail Interview

Last week, I sent out requests for an email interview from both the Gaztañaga and Matthews campaigns. I am delighted to find out that I was able to get breif email based interviews from both of them! I'll post this all in two parts. First, here is the responses from the Libertarian nominee, Mr. Lorenzo Gaztañaga.
MR Newman: If you could summarize your views in a single sentence, what would that be?
Lorenzo Gaztañaga: Live and let live amongst consenting adults (and please understand "consenting adults").

MRN: If elected in November, what issue or issue set would you champion in Congress?
LG: Stop the empire. No more Iraqs, Afghanistans or whatever else. We're a democratic republic; let'slive up to it.

MRN: What is your opinion on the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008?
LG: Even people who thought they wanted it are probably regretting it. The politicos cannot wait to create a pork barrel Christmas tree out of almost any emergency they are a party to. Basically, no bail out is a good bail out.

MRN: What specific types of health care reforms do you think are necessary?
LG: Decouple health care from corporations and companies. People should be able to buy their own health insurance and have it with them as they move around the job market in much the same way that they get their automobile or home owner's insurance. This would force the health insurance companies to walk away from the ready market of the corporation controlled health insurance into the open market in which they would have to seek out clients group by group. Eliminate the phony tax deduction from corporations for offering health insurance. How to deal with the indigent? Well, right now, the way things are set up, it seems as though we have to go through government, but ideally, communities, churches and other social groups should revive their sense of otherness to help their fellow human beings.

MRN: On your site, you mention that, "There's more that I would like to say on this, but I'm trying to be brief, so I'm sticking to the central points on the economy right now." What are a few of the economic issues you'd like to have discussed on a national stage and do you have an idea on how to reform the Federal Reserve?
LG: When it comes to the Federal Reserve, which is a monopoly bank, privately run and federally protected, it should be done away with. That's my reform, - kill the monster. It is ironic that Allen Greenspan, former head of the Federal Reserve wrote his doctoral thesis on why the Federal Reserve should not exist. That's right, folks, that's what he did. Just go online and google it - Allen Greenspan's doctoral thesis on the Federal Reserve. You'll find he was against it. Pretty interesting, isn't it? Well, I say, "Kill the monster. Stop it from printing money as the monopoly bank that it is which prints money like Monopoly money, that amounts to counterfeit money in the long term.

MRN: Where in the federal budget do you see the greatest potential for spending cuts?
LG: We can start with the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, and the Patriot Act with its phony-baloney adjunct, the fascistic Department of Homeland Security. That would save billions, as well as saving lives. Bring the troops home intelligently and carefully, but bring them home and budget for that, not for continuing the war.

MRN: What is your opinion on Maryland Proposition 2, the Constitutional Amendment to legalize and limit where slots can be located?
LG: It's an outrage. I am not against gambling. Anybody who invests in the market as I do is gambling. The original proposal from Gov. Ehrlich made sense - about as much sense as this sort of thing could, because after all, you cannot gamble yourself out of a financial hole. The current proposal, Proposition 2, is a literal rape of the Maryland State Constitution that would embed into the Maryland State Constitution corporate welfare handed out by the likes of Gov. O'Malley, a man who never did any good for Baltimore while he was Mayor here, and is on a roll with the same thing statewide, approved by a "Yes sir" State Legislature. Slots within a change of the state's Constitution is abominable, and it's reflective of the people who are pushing it - mainly the Governor.

MRN: If the election were held today, who would you vote for, for President?
LG: Bob Barr.
I thank Mr. Gaztañaga for taking the time out to answer these questions from a potential constituent. His candor is useful in helping people decide who to vote for. Here's a link he suggested including videos from his campaign. Also, if you'd like to know more about his campaign, check out the link to his official website on my sidebar.

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