Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quick 3rd Debate Thoughts

Final thoughts on the debate? I think John McCain won the debate. I think he had the best one-liners. I think he had a stronger overall performance. I think when he described his policies they came off as more genuine and he had more ideas which should resonate with voters. I think his referral to Obama as Senator Government is just awesome.

Guess what? Independent undecided voters agree with me that McCain won. This is the first time that people polled agree with me which means, he must have done even better than I thought because Independent uncommitted voters think McCain won by a 9% margin (51% to 42%).

I think McCain's found his way to reshape the dialogue of the Presidential race. It's now up to him and Governor Palin to make the case day by day to the American people. We'll see how it works...

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