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Retro Votes: My Votes 2006

In honor of the upcoming election, next Tuesday, I'm posting my votes from 2006 and 2007 with my reasons as to why from my old blog. Here's my 2006 votes, originally posted November 3, 2006.
Governor - John Faso (Conservative) -- Why am I voting for John Faso? Two major reasons. The first is mandatory Pre-K. Spitzer wants it, Faso doesn't. No one should be forced to have their child taken away from them at 3 years old. Period. The taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for it and knowing the foolishness of most schools, this mandatory schooling for 3 and 4 year olds will be full day in many areas. Some children can't handle school at 3, some can't handle it at 5. The parents need to continue to have the power over their children's education. Period. Plus, what else will this do? It will force local taxes to rise as local schools have to deal with this new, unfunded mandate -- making it harder on the taxpaying public in addition to stealing your rights as a parent. It's bad for the children, bad for the parents, and bad for the taxpayer. The second reason? Taxes. Spitzer's tax plan is laughable -- it involves a ton of new spending with an expansion of the bottle bill to include everything including milk and little to no tax relief. A skim through Suozzi's plan would show you how a Democrat should organize their tax plans...Faso's plan, though, takes the cake as the most reasonable means of cutting spending statewide. Cutting spending allows for...lower taxes. In the end that's part of what is forcing people out of the state, our high tax burden. It needs to be fixed. I'm going to vote for Faso on the Conservative Party line and I ask others who plan to vote for him to do the same. Why? The Governor's race decides who has ballot access -- without the 50,000 votes, the Conservative Party of which I belong will lose its ballot access. I don't want to see the party that helps keep the GOP honest, my party, losing its ballot line.

US Senate - John Spencer (Conservative) -- This current Congress is filled with the worst legislators we've seen in a long time. Why? They are spending more than they take in, they're missing a quarter of all votes, they're taking in millions upon millions of special interest money and barely giving back to the people they are supposed to represent. I can't vote for any incumbent Congressperson in the Senate or the House. As such, that already brings me away from Mrs. Clinton. Tack onto the fact that I disagree with her stance on nearly every single issue and the fact that she carpetbagged into New York to steal our Senate seat, I could never vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton. That leaves me with a handful of choices, but really only one choice of which I agree almost fully with their stances. John Spencer is boldly standing by conservative principles, which you don't commonly see in New York. I can respect that. He's talking about the issues I care about -- national security, border security, and spending. He had my vote based on the issues alone -- but based on the candidate against him, it's a pretty clear choice for me.

US Congress - Warren Redlich (Republican) -- As I mentioned, I can not vote for any of the corrupt incumbents in Congress. We need change, but especially in the House. The House is the budgetary house of our Congress. We need in the House fiscally conservative voices who are ready to attack all pork and unnecessary spending; Warren Redlich is that man. His entire campaign has been a wonderful devotion to cutting spending -- from realistic military cuts which won't hurt our national defense to attacks on pork to reasonable ideas for Social Security reform. Redlich is a solid candidate who is willing to listen to any voter and tell them about his ideas, including a group of ridiculous College Republicans at RPI. Redlich is attuned with the 21st District of New York and is ready to battle his way into Congress -- I'm ready to stand beside him.

Attorney General - Chris Garvey (Libertarian) -- I look at this Attorney Generals race as a terrible battle between two terrible candidates. In the one corner we have Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo wants to be Governor. He ran in 2002 and failed, destroying the Liberal Party line in the process. He campaigns on Governor-esque issues. He wants to follow his father and Eliot Spitzer into the Governor's mansion, and appears to be on a decent course to do so -- but I don't want an Attorney General who's viewing the position as a stepping stone. Also, I can not begin to fathom how Cuomo as the head of HUD, had $95 million in your tax dollars "unaccounted for" by the time he left office. The loss of this kind of money is astounding and really shows Cuomo's capacity to govern. In the other corner, we have Jeanine Pirro. Who's Pirro? The DA from Westchester who's name was all over the tax returns that imprisoned her husband; the DA who's husband purportedly leaked sensitive official information
about her mob stings; the woman who figured her husband may be cheating...again, so hired people to bug his phones instead of confronting him; the woman who's husband tried to bribe his illegitimate love child with a new car when she tried to run for Senate; the woman who tried to run for US Senate saying, "I need to face Hillary woman to woman" with a platform which mirrored Clintons; I could go on. Jeanine Pirro is the most damaged candidate the Republican Party could have found. The only way it could be possibly worse is if they brought Mark Foley from Florida up here to run for AG. Now with both candidates, what are they saying? They both want to be Eliot Spitzer -- they want to attack Wall Street, even if they're in the wrong. They talk about a few other pet issues -- but on average the major issues of government corruption, Medicaid fraud, and law breaking Mayors are absent from both of their campaigns. There's only one candidate who discusses these issues. No, I don't mean Sean Patrick Maloney (although he did actually discuss these issues before his loss in the Democratic primary), I'm talking about Chris Garvey. Garvey is a lawyer, which is all the Attorney General position requires. He talks the talk of the Libertarian party -- rip into government waste and corruption. That's what our Attorney General needs to focus in on, especially after seeing the terrible waste associated with Alan Hevesi's office. We need an AG who will do the job properly and let industry take care of itself for a moment while we get the State of New York in order and free of the corruption currently inherent in our system. Of the current slate of candidates only Garvey discusses that issue and therefore only Garvey could receive my vote.

Comptroller - Chris Callaghan (Conservative) -- Those of you who have read my words and posts both here, at Urban Elephants, or at Hevesi Watch, know that I have major problems with the incumbent comptroller, Alan Hevesi. The crimes committed by our comptroller against the taxpayer are many -- using state employees to promote and run his campaign; stealing taxpayer dollars to hire a driver and personal assistant for his wife; lying to the State Ethics Commission and withholding important information regarding their review; falsely discussing the security risks against himself and his wife; losing sensitive employee data and failing to recover said data or contacting the authorities about the security breech; establishing all manner of sweetheart deals with campaign contributors with no-bid state contracts; and the list continues. Alan Hevesi is perhaps one of the most corrupt politicians in New York today and New Yorkers need to stand firmly against him. That doesn't mean that the alternative of Chris Callaghan is the only option -- but, he's the only option I support. Callaghan is a fiscal watchdog -- he's been the one who actually confronted Hevesi and made the public of New York aware of most of his corruption. He's spent his entire life devoted to accounting and government spending. He's worked closely with the Executives in Saratoga County to establish budgets which will keep their county taxes the lowest in the State. Chris Callaghan has more experience going into the State Comptroller race than Alan Hevesi could have dreamed of when he became City Comptroller. Hevesi was a professional politician and professor of political affairs, Callaghan's entire career has been in public finance. Who's better suited to be in charge of the finances of the entire state? The choice is clear to me and with the lies and theft of our current comptroller, there is no clearer choice than Chris Callaghan for Comptroller.

State Senate - Matthew Newman (Write-In) -- I am sick of Joe Bruno continuing to go unopposed. Joe Bruno has been State Senate majority leader for years and has, for years, continued to ignored the Republican and Conservative principles which had brought him into that office. He supported the terrible revamp of the budgetary system last year; he supported a massive increase in the minimum wage; he supported all manner of excessive spending which have kept many Republicans home in the past. Not this time -- I'm writing myself in for this race. I'm a staunch fiscal conservative who has lived in Bruno's district since birth. I don't come from money, I don't come with the support of anyone major, but I come with truth -- I will fight for lower taxes and I will fight against the majority of tax and spenders which have taken over the GOP in the Senate and Assembly of New York. A write-in vote for me is not a waste in the least, but a true protest against years of a big-spender in
Republican's clothes running our State Senate.

State Assembly - Kandi Terry (Conservative) -- Why? As I've said, all the incumbents in all levels of our legislature are wasting our tax dollars. My current incumbent is no different. Being that I can't spell his last name, I won't attempt to at the moment -- but I will say this, Kandi Terri has my vote merely because she stands for lower taxes, cutting pork, and conservative ideals. I have never met her, so I don't know if she's a great person -- but I'm willing to give her a two year chance because her platform is solid and her opponent is not.

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