Thursday, October 30, 2008

Retro Votes: My Votes 2007

Those who live in New York know that off-years bring some interesting elections. Local Mayoral and City Council races to name a few. In 2007, I had some strong opinions on all the major races. Here is how I voted, I posted it on my original blog on November 4, 2006.

State Supreme Court - Nobody -- I'm not voting in this race. Why? There are four candidates -- and I'd need to vote for three. On the first point, two of the candidates are endorsed by all the parties in the State of New York. A third is only not endorsed by the Conservative Party of New York -- which there's a specific Conservative candidate for the courts. Unless someone can point to me some information on the Conservative Party candidate, I see no need for me to vote for the candidates endorsed by every single party...they're going to win no matter how I vote and it bugs me that the GOP, Democratic, independence, etc. party all endorsed the same person. No competition except for an unknown CPNYS candidate. If someone tells me about them...I'll consider them, otherwise...I'm not voting for this race.

Proposal Number One, An Amendment - Against -- I'm voting against the ballot proposal. The proposal calls for an amendment to the state constitution which would allow one acre of land from the state forest preserve to the town of Long Lake for use of drinking water for the community. In exchange, the state will get land equal to the value of this forest land from Long Lake. Seems simple enough. Why am I voting against this? The act already 2004...unconstitutionally. The state of New York is trying to retroactively make legal something they've already done. I do not like our state doing things illegally -- there had to be another way to help the people of Long Lake instead of merely violating the state's convoluted Constitution. I can not stand around and make breaking the law...and retroactively make their actions legal something okay for the state to do. I'd hope at least a few others will stand with me against this ridiculousness.

Rensselaer County District Attorney - Greg Cholakis (Conservative Party) -- Greg Cholakis has the ideas, the experience, and the distance from the corrupt former leaders in the County DA's office to make a real difference. He's got a solid presence and has a great record as a public defender. He's the better candidate for the job and I think that in and of itself makes him who most everyone should be voting for. I'm just afraid the anti-Republican, anti-DeAngelis sentiment may hurt Cholakis, despite
his non-connection to the establishment.

Mayor - Elda Abate (Troy People's Party) -- I've discussed before why everyone should heed the ideas of Elda. I think that and her discussions of the issues actually makes her the best candidate for the job. She has experience running a business and great ideas to help make the city a better place. While Tutunjian has done a great job as Mayor, I am not voting for him. I think he's going to win and I think he'll do a fine job as Mayor, bothers me that it took Tutunjian until the last year of his term to begin making a real impact on crime, that he's sat back idly while places like Fresno's go under, and that he may be ready to change the City Hall...but the way in which he's going about it is just asking for trouble. Again, I like Tutunjian and think he'll get a fine second term in...but he's not done nearly enough for the businesses of Troy or to bring in new businesses -- I think Elda would do great in that regard and her ideas for joint public/private support for lower income housing and her actual realistic views on the city make her a great candidate. My only hope is 4 years from now -- if Elda runs again, she runs a more effective campaign with TV ads, appearances at RPI/Sage, and a solid network of supporters throughout the city to help get her message of reform and lower taxes across.

City Council, At Large - Clem Campana (Democrat), Henry Bauer and Maria Talarica (Conservative) -- Campana and Bauer have done a fine job already in the City Council and seem to play off one another wonderfully. They both have the best interests of the people of Troy at heart and really seem to understand the problems facing the community. That's why they have my vote, that's why I want to see them back in the City Council. Why is Talarica the newcomer I'm voting for? She's incredibly motivated former police officer who has great ideas and understands the crime problem in a way that no other candidate seems to understand. Talarica has the right ideas at the right time for Troy and we need her in the City Council. I had posted a discussion from the meet the candidates meeting and you can see there who I'm actively not trying to vote for ::cough cough::John Brown::cough cough::

City Council, District 5 - Ken Zalewski (Democrat) -- After the meet the candidates session, I knew I had to vote for Zalewski. Bob Krogh is a really nice guy who seems to have the best interests of the 5th District at heart, but he has no ideas, no drive, and no leadership. Zalewski has all of that. Zalewski is a Democrat who, if he serves in the City Council and gets the experience...I'd be willing to vote for, for Mayor of Troy...or even House of Representatives. He's incredibly motivated, has great ideas, and will be a great leader for the 5th District. I have no doubts that he'll be great in the City Council and hope that he can keep up his motivation when confronted with the battles that WILL ensue on the City Council.

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