Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Separation of Powers Argument for McCain

One of the most pressing reasons why I know that no matter who else I vote for, I'll come to vote for John S. McCain III for President is the following -- I have a firm belief that our government governs best when the branches are divided.

When one group completely dominates government, it changes them and warps them into a power that we don't want to see. The old axiom of power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely is entirely accurate in the case of our government. When the Congress and White House have been dominated by the same party we've seen economic stagnation and corruption spring up that we never expected. One group going unchecked by anyone allows for free reign and the ability to do whatever they please. We need the partisan gap between our President and Congress to force the Executive and Legislative branches to compromise. Force them to work together to actually address the concerns of the American public. If Barack Obama is elected President, his agenda will go unchecked against an unskeptical Congress because Congress will be entirely filled with current supporters and new members who are indebted to him. Congress will not be a deliberative chamber, it will become a rubber stamp for Obama's agenda. Even if you agree with his agenda, you have to understand that we need discussion. We need a divided government.

I'll be the first to admit that when I as a conservative saw Republicans ruling the White House and Congress, I was thrilled. But the more I watched, the more my excitement waned. Republican dominance led to an unchecked government that kept spending like "drunken sailors" to quote McCain and kept pushing social issues in a ridiculous direction that the American public just didn't care about. They allowed the President unchecked power when it came to the Iraq War. They did none of the back and forth which made the nineties great.

Let's be reasonable first, we had an amazing tech boom which helped out our economy. But why did our government function so well then? Because Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich are perfect examples of good government? It's because through their bickering they were able to compromise creating a middle of the road approach which ended up working out. Compromise led to a viable solution that the American public was able to handle. We need the people on both sides fighting with each other until they end up finding a new route, the best route, that meets both of their demands to a certain degree and establishes the best approach for the average American. With a President and Congress working in tandem, unchecked by the separation of powers which has long made our country great, we will be for a rude awakening in the coming year. We need a President McCain to counterbalance the growing Democratic Congress. We need that check to maintain our balance.

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