Thursday, October 9, 2008

Zogby on the Presidential Race

Here's the reminder of the day from the mouth of pollster John Zogby -
"I don’t think Obama has closed the deal yet...The Sunday before the election the dam burst [in 1980]...That’s when voters determined they were comfortable with Reagan...It still can break one way or the other."
-John Zogby, October 8, 2008
This election is not yet over. It can still go either way, there are weeks left of this thing and everything can change in an instant. Look at the polling following the conventions, look at the polling following the economic downturn. One event can change the entire race suddenly -- and it's easy to see that happening again. Just a little perspective, especially to McCain supporters. McCain can still pull this off and those of you who support him, don't be distraught by current polls and give up so easily.

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