Monday, November 17, 2008

6th Legislative District - For McCain

Now that the polls have all closed, and the votes have all been tallied, it appears that my legislative district, which is represnted by 4 Democrats (1 Senator, 3 Delegates)...voted for John McCain. In the 6th District as a whole, McCain got 55% of the vote and Obama only 42%. This should be encouraging news to 6th District Republicans who haven't won a seat in years. On the victory, Delegate Sonny Minick said, "People in our district are much more conservative than many people think...This was a vote for conservative issues over liberal issues..." Exactly. It may not be a referrendum supporting Republicans, but it is a referrendum on liberal views.

Liberal values are not the values of the 6th Legislative district. Increases in taxes and spending just don't go over well. I call upon whomever will run in 2010 to announce in 2009 and stick to traditional conservative principles. They can win on that - even if the district is dominated by Democratic incumbents.

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