Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hargadon for Congress

If I lived in the 7th District of Maryland, I'd have two reasons to vote for Mike Hargadon for Congress. One, is reasonable one. His platform is a bastion of limited government that leaves very little to be wanted. He, like Richard Matthews, was a Ron Paul Revolutionary who came to the same conclusions that the government which governs best, governs least. Also, like Matthews, he comes without the baggage of Ron Paul his endorsement for Theocrat Chuck Baldwin.

The other, is ridiculous. Mike Hargadon has one of the best beards I've seen in politics in a while.

I know, it's silly, but seeing a beard on a politician makes me think of a classic time in American politics where government was limited, where pork was unheard of, where scandals were different, where politicians didn't always do it as a career, and where fights on the floor of Congress occasionally ended in fisticuffs. People were passionate about their causes and not just about being reelected. Yes, sometimes they went a bit too far, but I want politicians who believe in the ideals that this nation was founded on, a divided government that has checks and balances meant to keep our government in line with itself. Hargadon gets that. Matthews gets that. John McCain gets that.


P said...

Mike get rid of the beard after you get elected...right now it is your Samson power!

John O said...


I love the beard.. And your positions. We need more politicians like you. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. And living the intentions of Our Founding Fathers.