Thursday, November 20, 2008

Joe the Activist?

Joe the Plumber's got a slick looking new website - Secure Our Dream. The site starts off with a message from Joe Wurzelbacher
"Welcome to, where you can become a foot-soldier in the fight to protect and defend our American Dream. On November 4th, the American electorate decided that Barack Obama should be our 44th president. We wish him all of God’s blessings of wisdom and judgment for a successful and fruitful term of office. However, we would like to remind him and all of our elected officials that they hold office to serve the American people. May they hearken to our voice if ever we feel our basic freedoms are being threatened, for it will be loud and clear. We will be watching. We will be listening. Together, we can and will hold them accountable.

Many thanks to the tens of thousands of you who have expressed your support for this movement. I am humbled to know that I am just one man amongst so many that share true American Values and Dreams. Together we can change the course of this country for the better. We The People can truly make a better future for our children."
Very well written. Very interesting. The site's got links to Wurzelbacher's new book, he'll have a blogging section, and has a forum for signed up users. The goal will be to expose media bias and government corruption along with pointing out "...exceptional examples of American values." Wurzelbacher may have transformed his 15 minutes into a lasting effort through his new group. We shall see how this turns out.

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