Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Maryland 2010 - Second Look

Attorney General and Comptroller are important and oft-overlooked by the general voting public. In 2006 back in New York, voters reelected a man who was so corrupt, that the day after the election he was removed from office. I would hate to see something like that happen again, anywhere. Here are my thoughts on potential Republican candidates for the two positions and a random idea on the 4th Congressional District.

Attorney General
Scott Rolle - Captain Scott Rolle was the 2006 Republican nominee for Attorney General. He fought hard and raised Republican turnout from 2002 by 4.1% in a bad year for Republicans. He served as Frederick County State's Attorney from 1994 to 2007, not running for reelection in 2006 to pursue the Attorney General's office. Following his loss, he went into private practice. Rolle's also a member of the US Army Reserves in the Judge Advocate General's Corps, (JAG). In January 2008, he was called in for a thirteen month tour and has been involved in most cases arising from the Walter Reed Army Medical Center scandal. I'm unsure if that will boost or hurt his current status, but Captain Rolle has earned in his time in JAG the Army Commendation Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Global War on Terror Service Medal, the Army Achievement Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal, and the Army Service Ribbon. His service to this country has been commendable and his service as Frederick County State's Attorney was great. He'd be a solid nominee for the role of Attorney General from the Republican side and, in a rematch, may be able to hold his own.

Laura Martin - Laura Martin is the State's Attorney for Calvert County. Elected in 2006, she's the first female State's Attorney from Calvert County. Prior to that, she was Deputy State's Attorney from 1998 to 2005, giving her a great deal of experience in the department. She's been a member of the State Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy and State Council on Child Abuse and Neglect since 2005 and 2006 respectively. She's been tough on crime and has been praised by women's groups across the state. The problem? She endorsed Kratovil for Congress. Perhaps it's the comraderie of being a fellow State's Attorney, I'm unsure. What I am sure of is that this will come to haunt her if Ehrlich is the 2010 Gubernatorial nominee. If the two of them can put this aside, Martin could become a solid candidate for Attorney General.

Susan Schwab - US Trade Representative Susan Schwab has been doing well in this role since 2006. In addition to being a solid recruit for Congress, she could be a great candidate for Comptroller. Her background is in international business and has, for the past five years, served in the Federal US Trade Representative's office mediating international trade dealings and economics. She's been a voice of reason for free trade and capitalism. That experience may not directly translate into the office of the Comptroller's office, but you can see how the case can be made. Her expertise in economics and business can be directly translated into being this glorified auditor position. Also, being a Republican, she can use the argument that the office needs to be less partisan as shown by Franchot's current use of the position and a Republican Comptroller with a Democratic dominated legislative branch could provide some balance. She also has statewide name recognition and additional managerial experience with her work stint as President and CEO of the University System of Maryland Foundation for over three years. She comes as a candidate with the experience necessary for the role and the connections to potentially fundraise enough to become competitive.

4th Congressional District
Michael Steele - What? Steele for Congress instead of a higher office than that which he rightly deserves. Think about it this way - Steele is also trying to position himself as the next chairman of the Republican Party. If that does not happen, Steele has many options for office in Maryland ranging from Governor, Senate...and also for Congress. A Congressional race allows Steele to focus back at home and could get him to take down the single term incumbent and help build a stronger Republican House Caucus. The district does not generally vote Republican, but Steele has the star power to lay the groundwork for a strong campaign and may very well be the man who can capture this seat. Steele in the House would be great, and could also lay the foundation for an eventual Gubernatorial campaign or a rematch for Senate. Steele in the House gives him legislative experience that, combined with being Lieutenant Governor, would make him a powerhouse statewide candidate down the line.

As a New York State transplant, I'll try to look at New York's 2010 prospects, specifically the 21st and 20th Congressional Districts along with the major statewide races.

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