Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Matthews' Last Minute Mishap

At the last possible minute, Richard Matthews campaign had sent out some robocalls last night. The topic? Wire tapping. What did it say? Your lines are being tapped because of Congressman Ruppersberger.

The point of the calls was to point out that Ruppersberger voted in favor of measures which allowed the federal government to wire tap. What it came off as? Well, here's the transcript --
We are sorry to inform you that this line is now under surveillance by the federal government. We attribute our authority to disregard the 4th Amendment to Bush's ally in Congress, Dutch Ruppersberger. Dutch voted to reauthorize the Patriot Act and the FISA Amendments Act. This call is paid for by Matthews for U.S. Congress.
Ruppersberger called the Attorney General who is going to investigate the robocalls. This was a mistake. One word could have changed the entire tone of the robocall, saying "We are sorry to inform you that this line is legally able to be under surveillance by the federal government." It would have gotten the same point across without scaring people who don't quite understand the legislation into thinking that Dutch is listening to their phone calls. It was a risky move by Matthews and one which provided him with press, but not the kind he needed. I'm still planning to vote for Matthews as I still believe that his ideals for limited government and his experience as an average man and not a career politican make him uniquely qualified for Congress. Yet, I'm sure that this robocall may have turned away voters and a better review may have been in order.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing the exact transcript. I recieved that call and immediately called the FBI- not to inquire of the Federal government but to register a criminal complaint against Mr. Matthews. His misrepresentation of the Federal government is a crime and should be prosecuted. I will be talking with the Federal investigator today.