Thursday, November 13, 2008

New York 2010 - First Look

Here are my first round of thoughts on the New York State races including my ideas for potential candidates.

Rudolph Giuliani - There's no one else in New York, in my opinion, who would be able to come close to taking on the Democratic establishment besides Rudy Giuliani. The former Mayor of New York is a lifelong resident who has the experience necessary to fill the role of Governor. A good chunk of the country thought he has the experience necessary to be President, so I think he's got enough for Governor. His connections in New York City will help keep downstate New York competitive. His run for President and shift away from his more liberal social views during the primary for President would help in upstate New York. Giuliani could be the perfect candidate for Governor of New York. Giuliani has already hinted that he wants to run, so this wouldn't be surprising if it happens.

George Pataki - Pataki was a three term Governor of New York. Prior to that he was a State Assemblyman and a Mayor. He's still bringing in the money and able to campaign well in upstate New York, helping local Republican candidates throughout the state of New York. He's still the defacto leader, to a certain degree, of Republicans in New York. Pataki is an amazing campaigner and if anyone could give Chuck Schumer, it would be Pataki. Pataki's also got better ideas than people give him credit for when it comes to foreign policy. Pataki's the type of principled moderate Republican that work out in New York. If anyone can take down Schumer, it would be Pataki.

Attorney General
Mary O. Donohue - Let us look breifly at Mary Donohue's vast experience in all manner of government positions. She was Rensselaer County District Attorney for two terms ending in 1995. As DA, she prosecuted over 5000 cases a year including many where she was personally in the courtroom. Following her stint as DA, she ran and won a seat on the New York State Superme Court in 1996. She served until 1998 when she was tapped by George Pataki to be his running mate in the 1998 New York Gubernatorial election. They won and she served as Lieutenant Governor until the end of 2006. On midnight on December 31, 2006, so that her titles would not overlap, Donohue was officially sworn in to the New York State Court of Claims where she will serve until March 2015. Judge Donohue has a wealth of experience on both sides of the bench and would be an amazing nominee for Attorney General.
Michael J. Garcia - Want to really make the Democratic establishment go crazy in New York? Pick Garcia as the Republican nominee. Garcia is the US Attorney who is the prosecurter in charge of the prostitution investigation that caught former Governor Spitzer with his pants down. Yes, in the end they didn't press any charges -- but it removed him from office and proved to the state that he was a bigger slime than we could have ever anticipated. According to Garcia's office they have "...uncovered no evidence of misuse of public or campaign funds. In addition, we have determined that there is insufficient evidence to bring charges against Mr. SPITZER for any offense relating to the withdrawal of funds for, and his payments to, the Emperors Club VIP" In essence, there isn't enough evidence to prove that Spitzer violated any finance law and it isn't worth wasting the money to investigate any further. I can respect that. Prior to that, he did was involved in some high profile cases involving international terrorists in New York. Another great success from Garcia's office? The prosecution of corruption cases in light of the the United Nations oil-for-food scandal. Garcia's apparently shifting over to the private sector soon, which may serve as a good angle to run for Attorney General.
Sean Patrick Maloney - Sean Maloney is an openly gay Democrat. He was a first in many regards in Clinton's White House and later a member of Spitzer and then Patterson's cabinet. Maloney ran for AG in 2006 on the best platform of any candidate I saw. It was a more classical Republican platform for Attorney General than I saw for the eventual nominee, Jeanine Pirro. As we begin to make the party more open to people, let's try to put out an olive branch to Maloney. Because his direct superior was corrupt, he may end up getting removed from his post in Patterson's cabinet. If that happens, the Republicans should reach out to Maloney. If he runs on the same platform he ran in 2006, he'd make an amazing Attorney General nominee.

Chris Callaghan - Those who know me, know that one of my proudest votes was for Chris Callaghan for Comptroller in 2006. He's an honest man who deserved to win that post in 2006 over the corrupt Hevesi, who...was removed immediately thereafter. Sadly, his loss was empty. I think Callaghan could make a comeback in 2010. With the right kind of campaign and actual money put into the campaign from the state committee, Callaghan could prove to be a strong competitor for the role. Rumor has it that he's been considering a second bid. Let's hope he does.
Andrew Eristoff - Eristoff's a lawyer by trade and an IT professional, picking up a professional certification in the field in 2000 from NYU. He was a City Councilman from 1993 until his appointment in 1999 to Commissioner of Finance of New York City. He served in that role from 1999 until 2002. From 2003 until the end of 2006, Eristoff was the New York State Comissioner of Finance and Taxation. He went before the Comptroller panel in 2007 following the resignation of Hevesi, but didn't get past the committee. Not that it mattered, the State Legislature picked one of their own to replace the fallen Comptroller...but that's another story. Eristoff is an interesting candidate for the role and one that comes with a lot of energy, a great fundraising track record, and the gumption to make the right decision even if it costs him politically. Eristoff said before the panel back in 2007 that he didn't care if he got reelected to the post, he actually wouldn't run for it -- but as long as he did the right thing for New York State, he'd be happy. I still want Callaghan as New York's Comptroller, but if he runs for something else...I'd definately support Eristoff.


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Leave an email addy and I'll send out an email to you and Evil Conservative, and a right-leaning friend of mine from the Albany area. Between the four of us, I was thinking we could try to coordinate a group blog to focus on New York State Legislative races across the states.

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