Thursday, November 6, 2008

Open Source Contract Plank 1 - Electoral Reform

Since I've taken it upon myself to make up an Open Source Contract with America, here is my Electoral Reform plank.
We the people are tired of a government composed of career politicians who claim victory with a comfortable job and waste our tax dollars. They stay in office for too long milking the taxpayer. We need a reformed Congress and reformed elections to make the people's voices more important than those of Congressional Lobbyists. To help achieve this goal, we propose the following -
Term Limits - Each member of Congress will be limited to a maximum of twelve (12) years between their terms. This corresponds to a maximum of six (6) terms in the House of Representatives or two (2) terms in the Senate.

Lobbyist Reform - The open door policy of too many members of Congress has only been open to lobbyists. Part of this is personal, as many members of Congress have family members who are lobbyists. We should require full disclosure from members of Congress of family members (siblings, spouses, children) who are registered lobbyists and for what firm they work. This information should be posted on their official website provided to them by the federal government.

Electoral College Reform - The electoral college shall be divided by State and Congressional district in the manner which embraces our tradition of state by state results, while addressing concerns over popular vote victories being hollow. Each state shall allot two electoral votes (EVs) to the candidate with the highest vote count in said state. Each additional EV will be divided between the state's congressional districts; the winner of each district wins that district's EV. This system is currently in use in Nebraska and Maine.

As I mentioned, this is an open source contract. If you have ideas which could improve or further electoral reform in a reasonable manner and within the confines of our Constitution, please discuss them.

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