Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post-Election Posting on Some Pre-Election Thoughts

A friend of mine emailed me before the election saying that he was afraid of an Obama Presidency. I told him to not be afraid, and I responded to him with this prior to the election -
This election is not a reshaping election that the Democratic elite want us to think it is. This is merely a sick of the status quo election. After eight years of President Bush, Americans want a change. The fact that McCain is close at all shows the type of candidate this man truly is. No Republican but McCain would be as close as he is now. Even my man Thompson, I fear, would have been further behind Obama at this juncture. This is an election like 1976, where the incumbency represents corruption and all the current problems we face, even if the Republican nominee has nothing to do with corruption or the current problems. He's part of the incubmency according to the American public, so they're willing to turn to a liberal Senator running as a moderate with his old guard Senate buddy as VP. Why? Because they want something other than the incumbency, not because of some new found acceptance of liberalism.

Give the American people two years to realize that what they're voting for is more of the same -- the same Congress that has an approval rating that when it hits 15% is having a good day. If Obama wins, they've just picked two members of the Congress that they currently despise. I still have faith in the American people, even as I sit here in a state that hasn't gone to a Republican for President since the 80s. I still have faith. Americans have shown a resiliancy to liberalism and have found ways to beat much of it back. We no longer have 90% income tax on anyone. We have Democrats running and calling for tax cuts, even if it's a faux cut like Obama proposes. We have the most Democrat running for President saying that he supports the Supreme Court's decision to overturn gun control laws in DC. People more often than not cite government as the problem, not the solution when polled. People say that lower taxes are better when polled. Conservatives have won the hearts of the American public already...they just need new leaders in the future who are not marred by the perceived sins of the Bush White House.

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