Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Random Thought on Thompson/Virginia

2009 in Virginia is their general election year for statewide offices. I know that there are already some good, local Virginians planning to run for Attorney General, but I've got a new idea -- Fred Dalton Thompson.

Thompson has been a Virginian since 2006, when he formally registered to vote in the state. He's been residing there since part-time since his Senate days. If Thompson is a bar member in Virginia, he'd be a great candidate for the job. As a former Senator and former 2008 GOP candidate, he has a broad fundraising base. As a lawyer, he was involved in some extraordinary cases where he ignored party lines to tackle corruption. As a nationwide name and former Law and Order regular, Thomspon brings star power into the state. Virginia has been trending leftward in its public officials and needs a reawakening of its Republican base. Thompson could help make that happen.

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