Monday, November 17, 2008

Steele for Chairman - Second Look

In an honest assessment of the Steele for Chairman movement, Maryland Politics points out that what's good for Steele and the national party, may not be good for the GOP in Maryland. Steele is one of the few statewide names in Republican circles. If he becomes the GOP party chairman, it's doubtful that he'd run for statewide office -- limiting the number of options that the Maryland GOP has for Senate or Governor. Ehrlich is considering a run for Governor, and there's rumors that his wife has the name recognition and the ideas to be a candidate for some office, but without Steele...that's the extent of statewide GOP names. In the end, the Maryland GOP may need Michael Steele more than the Republican Party as a whole...and I wonder if that's being considered by anyone at this point. I still think Steele would make a great Chairman...but my support has been shifting the more I consider it.

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