Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Steele's Senate Spending

In a move sure to make Republicans in Maryland happy, Steele personally beefed up the coffers of State Senate incumbents. He dropped $2,000 in each incumbent Republican state senator's accounts from his state-level campaign account. During a fundraiser for the GOP State Senate committees, Steele said that Republicans in Maryland need to get in a fighting mood and ready to work together to recapture the statehouse and other state offices. Steele said, "We saw what we could do. The little engine that elected Bob Ehrlich the governor of this state...It ain't over unless we give up. It's not over unless we give in. It's not over unless we quit. I don't see any quitters in the room."

He's right. Republicans in Maryland need to reunite and prepare for 2010 immediately. They need candidates for every single statewide office. They need candidates for every single State Delegate and Senate race. They need candidates for every single Congressional race. They need to be competitive everywhere. How do we do it? We need to have a cohesive strategy, find candidates locally, and we need to unite under a strong gubernatorial candidate. If that's Robert Ehrlich, Michael Steele, or John Leopold they need to run a solid grassroots campaign and they need to coordinate that effort with local candidates for every single office statewide. Yes, that includes the 2010 US Senate candidate, Delegate candidates, Senate candidates, and Congressional candidates. Every statewide campaign should interconnect themselves with local races. Now, I know I went off on a tangent...but I think it's an important one to note. 2010 will be an important election and I don't know how it will turn out yet, but we need to pay attention and prepare starting today. Steele realizes that, I hope the rest of the Maryland GOP does as well.

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