Friday, November 7, 2008

Three Bullet Points

I've got three bulletted comments/notes on post-election information.

Matthews in 2010?
Richard Matthews has said that he's considering running for office again. After a year that was bad for Republicans on the whole, Matthews hasn't ruled out other offices. I'm thinking House of Delegates may be a good place to try out. A strong campaign in 2010 for House of Delegates may work out and with plurality voting in many districts, Matthews has a much better shot. Matthews has some interesting ideas and I think if he reshapes his campaign site into a local one, he could have an interesting shot. Hopefully, he'll keep himself in the press through continuous blogging, some efforts to get to Annapolis, and hopefully come up with some interesting ideas.

Lieberman's Status?
Reid seems to want to get rid of Lieberman's chairmanship. McConnell seems to want Lieberman to increase their numbers in the Senate. Lieberman just doesn't want anything to change. With the Democrats not needing him to have a majority, Lieberman may be pushed away from the Democratic caucus and stripped of chairmanship. If that happens, Lieberman may end up jumping to the Republican side.

Rebuild the Party
A group of online conservative and Republican advocates including RedState founder Erick Erickson, Save the GOP founder Mark Harris, and The Next Right co-founder Patrick Ruffini are proposing the next RNC Chairman to support their new plan with the first plank being -- internet being the top priority and making sure there are Republican recruits for Congress in all 435 Congressional Districts. Fundamental summary -- we need to embrace the power of "us," giving local activists more power and feel as though they're a part in this movement together. It's great and I have already signed up to support them. The ideas are great and I hope to see whomever the next GOP Chairman may become take these ideas into account.

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