Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Unanswered Election Questions

As this election season comes to a close, there are still some questions remaining that I'm sure some election junkies out there still have.
1. If Senator Ted Stevens wins in Alaska, which is more likely than anyone expected, and his conviction is upheld, who will Sarah Palin appoint to replace him?
2. Who will be appointed to replace Senators Obama and Biden, who just won reelection? Will the Biden tradition continue in Delaware and his son be appointed to follow him?
3. What will be the result in the Maryland's First Congressional District following the counting of the over 32,000 absentee ballots this Thursday? Currently the two candidates are divided by 993 votes, so it really is anyone's race.
4. Will a recount be called in the race between Al Franken and Norm Coleman in Minnesota?
5. What will be the fate of Independent Senator Joseph Lieberman after turning his back on the Democratic Party and campaigning hard for John McCain? Will he caucus with the Republicans in the next Congress?

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Let Joe Stay said...

As a supporter of Senator Lieberman I am offended by the threats from Senator Harry Reid and many of his Democratic colleagues to strip Senator Lieberman of his Chairmanships simply because he chose his friendship with John McCain over party politics. In repose to these threats, I have set up the a blog, Let Joe Stay ( with the hope of mobilizing like minded people to contact their Senators as well as Senator Reid and inform them not to put their pettiness ahead of what’s right. Senator Lieberman is the best man for these Chairmanships and to remove him would be foolish. If this is truly the time for hope and change, then Sen. Reid should forgive and forget and allow Joseph Lieberman to keep his Chairmanship.