Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bush Done Good

In an interesting article about President Bush, Mona Charen from NRO writes about the good works President Bush did in Africa. In fact, she even goes as far as to compare him to Clinton and also points out the hypocrasy of the left. Liberals want a President to do good humanitarian work in Africa, but if that President's a Republican...they're planning to ignore it.

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Anonymous said...

He also did more to damage AIDS prevention and effective family planning than just about anybody in history by instituting the global gag rule, denying funding to organizations providing needle exchange programs, and pushing an African Aid program (PEPFAR) which, as its educational component, provides only for abstinence education--shown to be ineffective, and only condom distribution "to high-risk populations". It also provides no funding address the child-rape crisis arising from the mistaken belief that sex with a virgin can cure AIDS. It's great that he's sending money there, but much of it is going to the wrong things, and forcing effective organizations out of providing vital social services for political gain.