Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Festivus 2008

This year, during the season of disappointment known as Festivus, I'm ready to discuss who has disappointed me this entire year. Let us begin --

David Paterson - You took over a state with a terrible budgetary problem. Instead of figuring out realistic ways to cut spending, you decide to add 88 new taxes and fees to one of the highest taxed states in the union, cut education spending arbitrarily, and remove fraud prevention measures for Medicaid. Great work, Paterson. You've handed the Republicans a rallying cry for 2010.

Chinese Gymnastics Team - You cheated in the Olympics by lying about the ages of the children you forced to compete. You should be ashamed of yourselves for what you di to those children and how you treated the sport.

Conservative Blogosphere - You asked for Fred Thompson as the nominee. You built him up as a conservative savior. Then, when he ran the campaign he promised to run - you ridiculed him for it. When the primary process picked John McCain, you attacked him at every chance you could. You ignored where you had agreements with him and focused in on the points where you diverge. Thankfully, now that the election is over, many on the right are moving forward. Next year, I hope to no longer be disappointed in them.

Martin O'Malley - Instead of realizing that you're the Governor and have been for two years now, you continue to blame Ehrlich on the problems of today. By now, hopefully, Maryland voters have begun to realize that this doesn't make any sense. In the process of your half a term in office, you've pushed for an amendment to legalize something that you initially opposed and now you're planning to cut state employees' pay for five days to "save money" in the budget. Instead of cutting spending across the board or seriously auditing the state budget, O'Malley has went about this the wrong way.

The Mainstream Media - Unbiased reporting on elections is a thing of the past. Their blatant disdain for our current Commander in Chief had been fairly obvious. Yet, their disgust for Governor Palin and their obsessive love of President-Elect Obama has destroyed what little objectivity I expected out of the media. Objectivity is a thing of the past, it appears, in the media.

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