Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First GOP Gubernatorial Candidate

The first Republican to throw their name into the ring for Governor of Maryland is Baltimore County GOP Central Committee second vice chairman and State GOP Parliamentarian Michael J. Pappas. His views? Not entirely known as of yet, he's in the first stages of setting up an exploratory committee. What else can I find about him? He's connected to American Builders & Contractors (ABC), an organization of construction firms which focuses in on making sure they have a voice in legislative concerns. He served on the ABC Maryland Joint Legislative Committee. An interview from ABC with him can be found here. The legislative agenda of this organization for Maryland that Pappas helped coordinate can be found here. The highlights? Much of their "legislative agenda" is opposition to new statewide laws that add additional requirements for contractors - i.e. new licensing programs, more restrictions for who can bid on contracts, required background checks. In a sense, much of it was small government support -- that happened to be more directed towards contractors. The biggest oddity to me seems to be the groups's opposition to requiring crane contractors to get a separate license. Doesn't seem too big of a deal to me, so I'm unsure of the group's major opposition. Those who oppose it, feel free to comment.

Additional background on Pappas can be found at Pappas graduated with an Associates as an EMT in 1994 from Greenville Technical College. He went on to the University of South Carolina for his Bachelors, graduating in 1999. He got his JD in 2002 from the University of Maryland School of Law and passed the Maryland bar the same year. For those who like to interview their potential gubernatorial candidates, here's a copy of his resume as posted on the Harrison Law Group website.

As a political unknown, his name may become lost in the fray against the potential candidacies of Michael Steele, Robert Ehrlich, or Andy Harris, but Pappas is starting off early and from where he's coming - the earlier the better.

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