Friday, December 12, 2008

Furloughs for Legislators?

The Governor has been considering furloughs for state employees; which, in essense, would turn into five days without pay where they may have to, nonetheless, continue working to keep the state running. As such, the executive branch is required to abide by this if the furloughs are approved. The legislators, not so much. So far, the Speaker of the House of Delegates has decided to donate five days worth of pay to charity. So far, over a dozen delegates have come forward saying they'd be willing to give up their pay voluntarily for those five days, starting with two Republicans, Delegates Steven R. Schuh and Nicholaus R. Kipke from Anne Arundel County.

Personally, I want to see the entire state legislature voluntarily giving up their pay. That, or an amendment to the State Constitution that if state employees aren't paid that this include all elected state employees. So now, I await the response from the 6th District. I eagerly await voluntary pay rejections by my district's representatives -- this means you Joseph Minnick, John Olszewski, Michael Weir, and Senator Norm Stone. Your constituents are waiting to see if all four of you are willing to act admirably.

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