Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dixon Indicted on 12 Counts

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon was indicted on 12 separate counts. The crimes include theft and perjury. State prosecutor Robert Rohrbaugh brought the charges down on her soon after bringing down indictments against the Mayor's ex-boyfriend on bribery charges. The Mayor, who has seen the murder rate drop significantly under her very short tenure in office. The Baltimore Sun has a good timeline of when the alleged illegal actions occurred, including Dixon purportedly stealing two grand set aside for under privileged families to buy herself Best Buy gift cards in $50 chunks...and then buying herself video games and DVDs.

An entirely unscientific Baltimore Sun online poll has Sun readers saying that they think that Dixon should resign. I generally agree. If Dixon does resign, she'll be replaced by another black woman in City Council President Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. If she is not convicted, there's really no way to remove her from office - so, we'll see what happens.

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