Sunday, January 25, 2009

Redaction of Comment

When I make a mistake, I am here to freely admit it. I, and I'm sure many conservatives, do not fully understand what a family planning organization in foreign lands actually do. Read the comment from "The Only Sensible Man Alive." He's a libertarian who's opinion I respect. The last two paragraphs sum up the relevant information. Perhaps the Global Gag Rule was ill conceived. Perhaps we should not be in the market of paying for any family planning organizations, period, but that's an argument for another day. To prevent an organization from doing many good and necessary deeds because they perform one deed which I disagree with is foolhardy. If an organization is to promote abortion as a form of birth control, then of course do not fun them. If an organization, on the other hand, allows an individual to have access to abortions in a worst case scenario while also performing other functions, then I can see where the Mexico City Policy becomes faulty.

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