Friday, January 16, 2009

Suggestions to Draft: Linda McMahon

This is my first in a series of posts I plan to write about how the National Republican Congressional Caucus could find local politicians, business people, or celebrities who have the ideas, money, and people skills necessary to be solid candidates for office. My first suggestion is Linda McMahon.

McMahon is the 60 year old CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment. Her business skills helped turn WWE into a business powerhouse. She's a trustee at Sacred Heart University and was recently appointed by Republican Governor Jodi Rell to the State Board of Education, pending legislative review in February. This is my first in a series of people I think Republicans should try to draft in 2010 to run for Congress.

Her donation history shows that she's a moderate, with Republican tendencies. She has donated to former Congressman Chris Shays (R), the Republican Leadership Council, former Congressman Rahm Emmanual (D), Bob Dole for President, and Senator Joe Lieberman (I). These donations show a great deal about her ideas. She's a pro-choice, Republican leaning voter who could be exactly the type of candidate that could do well in New England. She founded the charitable wings of the WWE including their Get R.E.A.L. educational and literacy programs and SmackDown! Your Vote! campaign to get wrestling fans interested and out to vote. Smackdown! Your Vote! brought Obama and McCain on the air during an episode of the program each giving memorable moments. She currently resides in Greenwich, CT, which is 41% Republican by voter affiliation. She resides in the 4th Congressional District. The 4th District was represented by moderate Republican Chris Shays from 1987 until January 3, 2009 following his loss for reelection to Jim Himes. He lost by a margin of approximately 2%.

McMahon brings money, moderate Republicanism, and a capable public speaking ability. She obviously has a good working relationship with the Governor and has shown that she has a strong love of her home state through her charitable activities. She has good business sense, which could be useful to have in a new member of Congress. Her past support for the former Republican incumbent, Chris Shays, could serve as a boon to her candidacy within the district. If she stops donating to generic Democratic causes, a serious run for the post could work. We need local celebrity candidates who have the right ideas for the district they live in and are truly Republicans at heart. McMahon may not be completely right-wing as some in the party would want, but she's exactly the candidate who could win in Connecticut. Hopefully the NRCC will try to draft someone like her. I hope they remember that I was one of the first to suggest it.

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