Saturday, April 25, 2009

On Political Careers

A new post has been written on the newly created Newman for Maryland blog. Here's an excerpt -
Politics is not a career path. It is a means by which we are supposed to help our state, community, and our nation. It was never intended to be. George Washington was a General who became a politician temporarily because he knew that our nation needed his leadership. Fred Thompson was a lawyer and actor who temporarily became a politician because he felt he could help the people of Tennessee and provide them with good representation. When Zell Miller left the political arena, he went back to being a college professor. Politics was a part of their lives, not the only thing which defined them.

The problem with a person who treats politics as a career is that they lose site of the point of politics. It is not merely a job. It is not merely a career path to build up ones resume in order to one day become CEO. It is a civil service where one becomes a representative of the people, our envoy in this our republican democracy. Too many forget that as they continue with the day to day aspects of politicking and focus so much effort on being elected and reelected that they forget what they were chosen to do.
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