Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Open Source Contract Plank 2 - Federal Spending

As I had nearly forgotten about my concept of an Open Source Contract with America, I've decided to begin preparation of my second plank - on federal spending.
We the people are disturbed by the growing trend of governmental growth. In order to maintain a healthy body, a person must cut fat from their diet and maintain an appropriate balance of intake to output. A healthy government is operated the same way. We watch frightened as our children't future is mortgaged for the temporary benefit of today. To prevent a future of uncontrolable growth, we propose the following -
Balanced Budget Amendment - It was pointed out by President Reagan that a man can spend beyond their means, but only for a limited time; he then asked the important question as to why we feel that as a nation we are not held by that same restriction. We agree wholeheartedly and feel that the only way to truly manage this is by Constitutionally mandating the balance of revenue to spending. We propose an amendment to the Constitution of these United States which requires a balance to the federal budget.

Earmark moratorium - The fact that wasteful, last minute additions can be added to pieces of legislation and redirect the funding of said bill in a different direction than the original intention is absurd. This begins with establishment of a year long earmark moratorium. If this proves successful, then the moratorium will be shifted to a longer term trial or permanency.

Government-wide Audit - Corporations which see widespread waste and abuse of funding see government mandated audits. Why then does our own government not fall under the same restrictions as widespread abuse and waste continues to flourish in our government? We propose the selection of two, independent auditing firms following a reasonable contract bidding period to be hired by the federal government for the sole purpose of conducting a comprehensive audit of the federal budget for waste, fraud, and/or abuse. The work load would be evenly divided between each firm based on ability so that work is conducted in parallel. The two firms will prepare a single report on their findings which shall be presented before a joint session of Congress and the President of these United States of America. If this program proves successful and uncovers vast levels of waste, fraud, or abuse, the program should scheduled at periodic intervals.
This is a continuation of an open dialogue between whomever wishes to join in. Check out the initial call to arms and my first plank. Please feel free to discuss them here or post any additional ideas.

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