Sunday, April 19, 2009

Random Tidbits 04/19/09

Here are some random news items that I decided to comment on...for now -
Joseph Biden who's making over $220k a year...signed up for social security benefits last year. Maybe, if people who were still making an income and not retired decided to not sign up for social security, there will be some of it left when my parents are close to retirement. Then again, maybe not. For the record, Tricky Dick Cheney, who's a year older than our current Vice President, did not sign up for social security benefits

Paste Magazine has developed an "Obamicon.Me" feature, which allows you to make your own iconic poster in the style of the Obama logo/poster developed by Shepard Fairey. I developed two of my own. HT to keepthatfaith

Mike Pappas' fledgling campaign for Governor has gotten a website. For those of us who actually want a serious challenger to Martin O'Malley who's a fiscal conservative, this website needs a big facelift. In a related 2010 note, Bob Ehrlich's website has gotten a huge upgrade. The website includes info on his radio show and some news on the issues.

Speaking of radio shows, former Senator, Law and Order DA, and Presidential candidate Fred Thompson has got a new radio show. Podcasts of the program can be downloaded in MP3 format from the official website. I like his show from what I've heard so far and suggest checking it out for those who like Rush Limbaugh, but with want better commentary and more interesting guests.

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