Thursday, May 7, 2009

On Redistricting

A new post is up at Newman for Maryland. Here's an excerpt -
The problem with redistricting in a State such as Maryland is that with one party dominating, minority parties are left out in the cold. The chances for retention of districts with varieties of opinions begin to dim under one party rule. Partisanship takes the front line with fairness being pushed into the background. Sadly, that is what we currently have in the State of Maryland. This is where HB284 comes into play to help account for this.

Co-Drafted by 6th District Delegate Joseph Minnick, HB284 would establish a Legislative Districting and Apportionment Commission under the State Constitution. Who is on this Commission and what do they do? The Commission redistricts our state following the decennial census. The Court of Appeals compiles a list of 30 qualified persons, 10 of which from the majority party, 10 of which from the principal minority party, and 10 of which are independent of party or affiliated with a 3rd party. These people have to have been Maryland voters for the previous three years and may not have held elected office, run for elected office, or been a registered lobbyist. The majority and minority leader of the Senate and House of Delegates each select one member from this pool of 30.

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