Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Newman's 2010 GOP Draft Suggestions

I've decided instead of putting together some new articles and to restate some of my previous suggestions, I've decided to post a list of people I suggest the GOP should draft for public office in a spattering of states (CT, MD, and NY). If I were in charge of national or local state GOP organizations, these are the people I would seek out to run for public office. Thoughts are always welcome.
CT-4 - Linda McMahon - CEO of WWE, Member of the CT State Board of Education, see previous article

MD-3 - Susan Schwabb - Former US Trade Representative (2006-2009), President and CEO of the University System of Maryland Foundation (2003-2006), see previous article
Statewide Offices
Attorney General - Scott Rolle - 2006 GOP Attorney General nominee, see previous article
Comptroller - E.J. Pipkin - State Senator from the 36th District (2003-Present), vast financial background and has an MBA from the University of Virginia, failed GOP candidate for US Senate in 2004
State Legislature
HoD-6 - Matthew Newman - 26 year old environmental engineer, proprietor of Newman for Maryland and Old Line Elephant
HoD-6 - Paul M. Blitz - 2002 and 2006 GOP candidate, military veteran (VFW 2621), Historian for The Heritage Society of Essex and Middle River, dedicated to the district
HoD-8 - Rani Merryman - Professional homemaker and active blogger, currently looking into running - very close race in 2006

New York
NY-8 - Randy Daniels - Former NY Secretary of State, 2006 gubernatorial primary candidate, see previous article
NY-20 - John Faso - Former Assembly Minority Leader (1998-2002), 2002 GOP Comptroller nominee, 2006 GOP Gubernatorial nominee
NY-21 - Frank Merola - Currently Rensselaer County Clerk, see previous article
Statewide Office
Comptroller - Andrew Eristoff - Former New York City Councilman (1993-1999), former Commissioner of Finance of New York City (1999-2002), former New York State Comissioner of Finance and Taxation (2002-2006), see previous article
Attorney General - Michael Garcia - Former US Attorney, brought down Eliot Spitzer, prosecuted the terrorists involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and brought charges against politicians including State Sen. Efrain Gonzalez (D), former Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik (R), two staffers of NYC Council Member Kendall Stewart (D), and Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio (D)
US Senate (v. Gillibrand) - George Pataki - Former 3 term Governor of New York, never lost a statewide contest, excellent campaigner and fundraiser
As always, opinions are welcome.

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