Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Top 5 People for Dinner

Yesterday, after hearing them discuss it on the radio in the morning, I posted on Twitter the top 5 living people that I'd want to have dinner with outside of family and friends. For those who did not see it, the list included the following - Joss Whedon, Dick Cheney, Jim Gaffigan, Fred Thompson, and Francis Collins. Today, let's discuss why I picked each of these people.

Joss Whedon - For those who do not know, Joss Whedon is a writer / director who created (or co-created) Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog, and Dollhouse. He's written music, scripts, and comic books. His ideas are all over the map and incredibly interesting. I'd like to sit down with him and just try to figure out where these ideas come from. What are his inspirations? How did he make the concept of a teenage girl who suddenly discovered she was chosen and had super powers in order to kill vampires such an entertaining program? Also, I'd love to know what he may have done for a second season of Firefly. I also wonder if he'd ever consider writing a piece of traditional written fiction. The questions are all over the map and it would be an interesting conversation.

Dick Cheney - Former Vice President Dick Cheney would be an interesting person to talk to. First, it would be interesting to hear in a one-on-one setting what his views are on how the country was led the past 8 years. I also wonder how he felt serving under a President who supported a Constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, when he has a gay daughter and opposes such an amendment. I'd also just like to hear what he has to say about how the media portrays him. Is he really the evil genius working behind the scenes that the media wants us to think he was? Or is he something else entirely? I think the latter and I'd love to find out.

Jim Gaffigan - Honestly, I want to know what Jim Gaffigan is like in person. He's hysterical and his anecdotes are all over the map. I would love to just to have a conversation with him about nothing in general; see where the conversation leads.

Fred Thompson - Fred Thompson is a former US Senator, an actor, a radio personality, and was my choice for the GOP primary in 2008. I still have a Fred '08 sticker posted on my cube at work. I'd love to ask him about his campaign for President; what initially motivated him to run - was it the online draft movement or had he been considering a bid for a while? Where does he think that things went wrong along the way? How would he do things differently if he were to do it again? Also - what does he think of the current situation and what policy ideas would he implement to help our economy? I'd also just want to ask him about his experiences in politics and in Hollywood.

Francis Collins - For those who do not know, Francis Collins is President Obama's choice for Director of the National Institute of Health. He was one of the key scientists involved in the Human Genome Project. He was a strong atheist early in life - and a convert to (in his own words) Evangelical Christianity. He founded the BioLogos Foundation which discusses the topics of religion and science. I'd love to talk to him about his faith, the science behind the Human Genome project, his ideas for leading NIH, his thoughts on future scientific research, etc. He's such a fascinating figure that I'd love to just learn more from him.

Comments are welcome and I'd love to hear others' lists of potential people they'd like to have dinner with.

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