Monday, August 10, 2009

What If Bush Did That?

As I continue to watch President Obama in office, I have to ask one question - what if President Bush had done what Obama's done so far.

What if, President Bush had pushed bills through Congress with less than 5 days of public review? What if he had promised to allow that timeframe on the campaign trail, then went ahead and pushed bills through without that review time? Would the Democrats in Congress be outraged? Wouldn't the news media jump all over Bush railroading his policies through Congress? Well, President Obama did just that - it was one of the first of his campaign promises he broke.

What if President Bush had given the new Prime Minister of our closest ally a collection of out of region DVDs? What if that had followed said Prime Minister giving an expensive gift with close ties to the White House to President Bush? I'm sure the New York Times would run a front page article about how President Bush had insulted our allies. Well, President Obama did just that.

What if President Bush's Treasury secretary appointee didn't pay Social Security or Medicare taxes for several years prior to his appointment to the job? Would the appointee even get through a confirmation hearing? Since it was President Obama's Treasury Secretary appointment - he made it through with very little argument.

What if, during the Social Security reform debate, President Bush had asked anyone who heard any "disinformation" about his policy ideas to contact the federal government? What if he used a webpage owned by the people to track these disinformants? This is the newest thing our President has done, trying to keep tabs on those who provide differing views to his on healthcare proposals.

It is outrageous the double standard in our news media. It's outrageous the lack of outrage or even discussion of this by the media. Frankly, it's despicable to realize that President Bush would be called out for removal from office if he did all these things in his first six months. For President Obama, there's nothing but hearts and rainbows from the media.

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Anonymous said...

You've got to be out of your mind to the compare the outrage owed to the machinations of Bush with those of Obama. I know you know this and I'll chalk it up to getting caught up in the hysteria of the moment.