Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2010 GOP Hopefuls: Eric Wargotz

2010 Maryland US Senate candidate Eric Wargotz is a physician and the current President of the Queen Anne's County Board of County Commissioners. Watgotz was elected President of the Queen Anne's County Board of County Commissioners in 2006 with 51% of the vote.

Professionally, Wargotz is a top notch doctor. He was thrice recognized as one of "America's Top Physicians" by the Consumers Research Council. He served as Medical Director and Chief of Pathology at the Doctors Community Hospital in Lanham from 1989 to 2007. He has served on numerous medical boards including serving as the Governor's Appointee to the Board of Physician Quality Assurance and served as President of the Queen Anne's County Medical Society (2000 to 2004). In addition to work in his field, he has also aided in humanitarian efforts including joining Queen Anne's County Cares which provided relief effort for victims of hurricane Katrina.

His experiences on both the business and practical side of health care make him exactly the type of person that we need to help provide insight into health care reform. Wargotz prepared a press release on the topic discussing the important tenents to remember during health care reform. Wargotz said, "Real, meaningful health care reform should have three goals – lower costs; improve patient care; and, reduce waiting times for critical care,...The current legislation addresses none of these things and in many cases was going to make it much worse." He then lays out his 7 keys to successful health care reform. I for one would love to see a detailed plan with specific legislative action items that Wargotz would propose if elected.

Considering that the incumbent, Senator Barbara Mikulski, has been earmarking funds to top campaign contributors - Maryland deserves better. Mikulski has been in the US Senate since 1987. Her 22 year tenure should come to an end next year. Wargotz is exactly the type of candidate that Republicans need to try to recruit. He's a doctor who provides the background needed on health care issues, is an elected Republican in Maryland, and is ready to fight on the issues that matter most to Americans.


Anonymous said...

Excellent candidate! He has my support. Apparently, some hacks and untested are also in the race but Wargotz seems like the real deal who can pull it off!

Earl Shoop said...

Having spoken with Doc Wargotz a number of times, I can say that he is a caring, sensitive gentleman who will be a great Senator.
Proposed motto:
The coming campaign must be focused on educating the electorate.
Dems have had power in Md for far too long. Voters of both parties should recognize that two healthy parties are essential for a vibrant democracy.

Anonymous said...

I have alot of respect for Mr. Wargotz. I honestly believe that he should be the role model for future conservative leadership.

S James Smith said...

I personally would like to see more Republican Debates take place before the primary.
There was one in Upper Marlboro and I was less than impressed with Mr. Wargotz. Corrogan Vaughn clearly showed Statesmanship and a well rounded knowledge of all of the issues, not just healthcare.

Tom said...

Sorry but his record screams RINO, not to mention he has a history of giving generous donations to liberal Democrats. I find it sad that we are so willing to believe these opportunists.

Anonymous said...

Wargotz is not conservative enough- he would give a liberal face to the senate seat once again. Look at where he has donated- Kennedy Townsend (D)?? $1000!! Come on- furthermore, his last debates in the Senate race have been poor and why is he no longer debating? I am not convinced he is the right "face" for the Republican Party in MD- he actions do not demonstrate his ability to stand strong against anything liberal. Do the research

Anonymous said...

I would think Wargotz is gay by looking at him. Just what we don't need is another "conservative" being outed in disgrace 3 or 4 years from now.

longge said...

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Michelle said...

You recent posters are just silly mean. Envious of Wargotz's current position as the "leader of he pack".
He is a great conservative, tried, tested, proven. The others are all rhetoric and silver-tongue. No substance for me to believe in to vote for any of them to a 6 year term. Apparently, his supporters reflect a certain level of "class" in this primary race that the others and their supporters do not. Pathetic.