Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lollar Running for Congress

Charles Lollar., Charles County GOP Chairman is officially running against House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. Lollar is a former Marine an exciting public speaker who can articulate conservative principles well. Example of such articulation can be found here.

RedState blogger Moe Lane interviewed Lollar back in August back when he was considering a bid for Congress. Here's a brief excerpt from Lane's article -
Charles Lollar is primarily a fiscal conservative primarily. He feels that the biggest problem facing Marylanders is that the government’s fiscal irresponsibility is taxing-and-spending our way into debt; which will lead to less choices and a general lack of individual freedoms down the road. He favors limiting government growth to inflation, not to mention term limits; and considers it a priority for the Maryland Republican party to unify its message and focus on fiscal responsibility. Charles is also a supporter of school choice, and was not even remotely pleased with the way that Democrats killed the DC program earlier this year. His reaction to Card Check was strongly negative; he considers it to be a huge business issue, and that instituting it would force business to operate in an unethical way. While Lollar is not opposed to unions as unions, he does note (as many others do) that they elect their own officers via secret ballot.

Regarding Steny Hoyer’s seat: when I asked him if he was running for it he started by saying that he wasn’t – because it wasn’t actually Hoyer’s seat; it was the people’s. In Lollar’s opinion, Hoyer however treats the seat as if it were his (an opinion that I happen to share); and he’s offended that Hoyer does that.
The last Republican to hold the 5th Congressional District in Maryland was Lawrence Hogan, who left Congress in January of 1975. If Lollar can defeat the House Majority Leader, it would be a feat.

Lollar is a young, black Republican who is articulate about his fiscal conservative values and has served the Republican Party proudly as a County Chairman. He's exactly the type of candidate that Republicans should be seeking out and recruiting for 2010.

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