Sunday, December 6, 2009

2010 Democratic Hopefuls: Buzz Beeler

I currently reside in Baltimore County Councilmanic District 7. My current representative is John Olszewski, Sr. His son, is one of my three State Delegates. I hope, in 2011, that I am no longer represented by either Johnny O.

So far, no Republican have announced for either office. However, there is an interesting Democrat who has announced to primary John Olszewski, Sr. for County Council, Charles "Buzz" Beeler.

Beeler is not a politician. He's a former member of the Baltimore County Police Department who retired after 39 years of service to the county. The about section of his website almost reads like a resume if you're interested in his other experiences. The most interesting of these experiences? He co-produced the "50th Anniversary Special of the Christmas classic 'It’s a Wonderful Life,' featuring surviving cast members and the late Frank Capra, Jr."

His positions on the issues? What limited discussion that exists marks that of a rather conservative Democrat. He seems to support English as a national language, using non-violent criminal offenders to clean the streets, lowering the tax rate, and increased government transparency. He's a strong supporter for the County police as a former member, and it shows when you read his objectives. He's also very anti illegal immigration which is listed all over his website - perhaps to an extreme degree. His objectives seem interesting, but some of his objectives appear more suited to a County Executive platform.

Beeler appears to want to have an online presence - but does not appear to be well versed at present. He is planning to have a forum, which could be interesting. He has a blank blog with a single post. His photos section includes the movie poster to a film that he co-wrote the script. Beeler's webmaster needs to upgrade this website, get the candidate on Twitter / Facebook, and get a specific platform section.

Explore Baltimore interviewed Beeler back in June when he first announced his candidacy. According to the interview - one of the reasons he's running is a shady land deal from the County to a golf buddy of Johnny O Senior. Here's an excerpt from the article -
Chief among Beeler’s complaints with Olszewski is the sale of a Dundalk apartment complex to a developer who has ties to the councilman. The county spent more than $21 million in 2006 and sold the Yorkway complex to John Vontran for $1.65 million last year. (Olszewski and Vontran have played golf together.)
Beeler comes across as an interesting candidate and when he begins to form a detailed platform, I'd love to learn more. Would I prefer him over Johnny O? At present - yes. Would I vote for him in the general election? Depends on the Republican nominee.

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