Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Festivus 2009

As with 2008, I would like to mark the season of Festivus with a list of those who have disappointed me in 2009.
Barack Obama - Seems a little obvious from a right-leaning blogger, but - I must list him nonetheless. I expected very little out of the President. I expected him to try to waste my money. I expected his inexperience to show. He succeded in both of those points perfectly. What I did not expect, was for Obama to be as divisive, if not more divisive as President Bush. The only benefit I saw from Obama winning the election in 2008 was the fact that he seemed to genuinely have a way about him that united people. Sadly, his policies and inept governance have divided the people of this great country in such a way that I am more disappointed by the day.

The Mainstream Media - As it did last year, your bias is showing. The love of Barack Obama by the mainstream media have blinded them to the point where serious reporting on anything negative associated with the President is ignored until it can not be any longer. It takes the blogosphere and Fox News to pundits to point out anything negative, even the mundane. We never hear about what happens with the President abroad - and it's not always pretty. And, of course, we hear nothing from any news outlet about our President's "Safe School's Czar." Once again, unbiased reporting has passed away and all that remains is one big press release of the Democratic leadership.

Nobel Committee - A peace prize for a man who had been President for all of a few weeks at the time of his nomination? Really? If he won in 2010, I'd disagree with the selection - but at least there'd be an actual year in office to point to. This was outrageous on so many levels and just diminished the prize.

NRCC - The NRCC lost 3 Special Election campaigns in 2009. 1) They began early on with negative attacks on a completely unknown entity in the NY-20 special election. This, in turn, created sympathy and increased name recognition for the man who no one in the district knew. If they ignored him, Tedisco could have just campaigned on his personal story / his platform and won easily. Instead they lost the election for him. 2) In NY-23, the NRCC and local parties backed a candidate who was just a failure on so many levels. From her lack of appeal to the CPNYS, to her support for liberal fiscal policies, to her poor fundraising abilities. Spending all that time and money supporting her and bashing the Conservative Party candidate helped to lose a seat that had not been held by a Democrat in over 100 years. 3) Special election in CA-10 that was MUCH closer than anticipated and they spent close to ZERO dollars supporting the Republican candidate. Who knows what could have happened if they gave him some support in this sleeper special election.

Greg Ball - Relatively young, politically adept, fundraising powerhouse. All those terms refer to Greg Ball. He looked like a great GOP hopeful for NY-19, the man who could flip that seat back into the GOP column. What happened? He drops out and suddenly runs for State Senate. Yes, Ball would be great in the NYS Senate - but he was a great candidate for Congress and I'm disappointed in him for dropping out.

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